Nonverbal performance

that having a motif of the traditional culture in Japan

Spectacle [8Q3]

[8Q3] is performed by 4 Japanese men, who all born in Showaperiod (Emperor Hirohito period). Their performance is never fixed.They think outside the box and defy the boundaries of the circus show.but to think outside the box and defy the boundaries of stereotype circus shows.

“Love and Violence“, “Smile and Hatred“ and “Enlightement and ambivalence“, they challenge all the taboo in Japanese society!

[8Q3] is a non-verbal performance and has a taste of Yakuza film!


CruCruCirque DX video

8Q3 (Cru Cru Cirque dx)

-Japanese Circus Performance-

Spectacle [8Q3] (Cru Cru Cirque) [8Q3] is performed by 4 Japanese men, who all born in Showa period (Emperor Hirohito period). Their performance is neverfixed.

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CruCruCirque DX profile

  • 8Q3 Thoru


  • 8Q3 Keisuke


  • 8Q3 Katsunori


  • 8Q3 Shinya


Keisuke formed nouveau cirque group “Cirque Ku“ in Tokyo with Shinya,Katsunori,andThoru in 1997. After Keisuke left Japan in 1999 to enterthe CNAC (National Center of circus arts in France), the others changed the name ofthe group to “CruCruCirque“and continued to creat circusshows in Japan. When Keisuke came back to Japan in 2010,he became a member of the group again, and the group, includes him, is called “CruCruCirque DX“.

Four different personalities, they combine and make a good use of pantomiming,juggling, and music, to create a Japanese circus space.


Technical Rider and Stage Plan for CruCruCirqueDX 8Q3 (4 performers)

  • Running time

    max 30min

  • Stage Area

    Size : minimum 6m×5m

    Ceiling height: minimum 4m

  • Setting

    Setting time : 30min

    Sound equipment required: PA system with 1input for Mp3, 3microphones (1 for speech, 1 fordrum, 1 for flute)


Activity in Japan

8Q3 Thoru

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  • Email

    For any inquiries, contact Keisuke KANAI

  • Address

    CruCruCirque DX (Shinya Tatsukawa)

    103, 3-38-6,hikawadai,Nerimaku, Tokyo, Japan